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Why choose a M.C. Miller SWITCHMODE RECTIFIER over the Traditional TRANSFORMER RECTIFIER?
  1. Integrated Remote Monitoring option (No need for other 3rd Party additions)
  2. Automatic with 3 modes of control (sophistication, ease of use & access to data)
  3. Can be used in all CP applications
  4. Increased efficiency of output, up to 95% compared to Transformers of up to only 81%
  5. Increased efficiency means less heat production and is thermodynamically more stable for warm environment applications
  6. Smaller and lighter that typical Transformer Rectifier Counterpart (lower shipping costs)
  7. Go green with lower carbon footprint
  8. Improved efficiencies improve CP Spread & AC Power consumption
  9. Less copper to reduce cost, weight & theft
  10. Quality & Adaptability

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Why Buy a Decoupling Device?
Where are Solid State De-Couplers applied?
  1. Cathodic Protection System Isolation
    • To optimise CP Performance
  2. Safe Grounding of Electrical Hazards
    • AC Voltage; AC Faults; Lightning effects.
    • Grounding of AC while simultaneously providing DC Isolation
  3. Protection of Personnel & Plant to safe purposeful design conditions.
    • Safety first
    • Safe working & Fail Safe design.
  • De-couple dissimilar metals that must, by regulation or galvanic corrosion be AC bonded but isolated in the DC mode.
  • Isolate electrical DC equipment in Cathodic Protection systems.
  • AC coupling to earth where DC blocking/isolation is required.
  • Over voltage conditions emanating from induced AC surges, lightning and switching transients and Rectifier failure.
  • Protection of insulating joints on pipelines.
  • Mitigation of AC induced voltages.
  • Decoupling in gradient control (earth/grounding) mats from pipelines

How does a SSD deal with Induced AC?
CP optimization & AC Mitigation though Solid State Decoupling.
In AC mitigation applications, the De-Coupler should provide a continuous conduction path to ground for the AC while preserving the applied Cathodic Protection DC and provide over voltage protection when AC & DC rise above a specified predetermined level.
  1. (PCR) - Polarization Cell replacement.
  2. (SSD) - Solid state Decoupler.
  3. Isolators – Isolate the decoupler Device temporarily in a controlled circuit.
  4. Accessories – Connectors; Mounting Brackets; Cables; Enclosure options.