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Why choose a M.C. Miller SWITCHMODE RECTIFIER over the Traditional TRANSFORMER RECTIFIER?
  • Automatic with 3 modes of control
    • Constant Current
    • Constant Voltage
    • Constant Potential
  • Output DC Ripple of less than 200mV
  • High efficiency of up to 95%
  • Single Phase – efficient rectification across the output range 90V – 240V
  • Lighter weight design
  • Better operating temperatures than Transformer Rectifiers
  • Less copper requirement
  • Lower Carbon Footprint
  • Digital metering with Backlight
  • Available in a variety of colors

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Why Buy a Decoupling Device?
Where are Solid State De-Couplers applied?
  1. Cathodic Protection System Isolation
    • Optimise CP Performance
  2. Safe Grounding of Electrical Hazards
    • AC Voltage; AC Faults; Lightning effects.
    • Grounding of AC while simultaneously providing DC Isolation
  3. Protection of Personnel & Plant
    • Safety first
  • Isolate electrical DC equipment in Cathodic Protection systems.
  • AC coupling to earth where DC blocking/isolation is required.
  • Over voltage conditions emanating from induced AC surges, lightning and switching transients and rectifier failure.
  • Protection of insulating joints on pipelines.
  • Mitigation of AC induced voltages.
  • Decoupling in gradient control (earth/grounding) mats from pipelines

How does a SSD deal with Induced AC?
CP optimization & AC Mitigation though Solid State Decoupling.
In AC mitigation applications, the decoupler provides a continuous conduction path to ground for the AC while preserving the applied Cathodic Protection DC. It also provides over voltage protection when AC & DC rise above a specified predetermined level.
  1. (PCR) - Polarization Cell replacement.
  2. (SSD) - Solid state Decoupler.
  3. Isolators – Temporarily isolates the decoupler device.
  4. Accessories – Connectors; Mounting Brackets; Cables; Enclosure options.